A great product is the
consequence of great listening.

You have dozens of ideas for how to improve your product, but no clue which will have the greatest impact on your business. Until now…

Introducing the world's first Customer Collaboration Platform.

Parlay is fundamentally changing the way digital product teams are engaging their users in order to build better products.

Preview potential new features directly in your app, all before writing a single line of code.

Validate with users that you're designing the right features in the right way the first time.

De-risk your teams' efforts by weeding out the expensive duds long before development.

Drastically improve your relationship with users by engaging them as collaborators.

Built for product teams.

What Drift is to Marketing teams and Intercom is to Support teams, Parlay is to Product teams.

Parlay is built specifically for:

  • Definers focused on researching and developing strategy & roadmap.

  • Designers focused on designing & iterating features using stakeholder feedback.

  • Refiners focused on reviewing work and providing feedback for improvement.

  • Builders focused on recieving others' work and bringing it to life using code.